Is A Dodge Challenger Travel Trailer Coming Soon?

Is A Dodge Challenger Travel Trailer Coming Soon?

Travel trailers and the vehicles that pull them are rarely designed in concert. The trailers often follow a one-size-fits-all formula in terms of styling, but new renderings from Timothy Adry Emmanuel show what is possible when the two are designed together. Emmanuel paired the Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack Shaker Widebody with a sleek travel trailer that fits with the Challenger’s brutish aesthetics.

The trailer goes beyond just matching the Challenger’s paint and stripe, though, as the trailer’s overall shape exudes performance. The overhang sits nicely against the Challenger’s sloping rear window and trunk lid, creating a smooth transition from its roof to the trailer’s. The sleekness is evident at the rear, where the roof slopes down to the taillights, which replicates the Challenger’s taillight design. Even the trailer’s lower rear bumper looks like it took inspiration from the Challenger.

The stripe that extends from the Dodge to the trailer runs the entire length of the trailer, growing wide toward the roof. It helps connect the two, as does the rich red paint. The renderings don’t show the interior, but the exterior features two doors, a window, an awning, exterior storage, and a TV.

The Challenger’s widened track – by 3.5 inches – and shaker hood, which hides a 485-horsepower (361-kilowatt) V8, gives the overall pair a menacing stance that harkens back to the iconic Tri-Five Chevrolets. Emmanuel wanted to add a Mopar spin to an era when cars were considered a bit more utilitarian than they are today.

Sadly, these are just renderings of a neat idea that’s unlikely to see reality anytime soon. While camping and travel trailers are huge right now, so are the crossovers, SUVs, and trucks that now pull them. Don’t bet on seeing any Challengers towing anytime soon, but if you want to tow with a Dodge and have power, the company did offer the Durango Hellcat.

Source: adry53customs / Instagram written by Motor1