Earn 150k as Dodge Chief Donut Maker, Apply until February 28

Earn 150k as Dodge Chief Donut Maker, Apply until February 28

Aspiring chief donut makers have until Feb. 28 to submit their video entries for the position. Dodge began taking applications Jan. 20, 2022, with a deadline of Feb. 28, 2022. Applicants need to show, in a short video (maximum length of two minutes), that they embody the spirit of the founding Dodge Brothers. Aspiring donut makers can apply online and view all the rules and regulations.

The brand has already received more than 135,000 entries to date and nearly 1.3 million site views on the chief donut maker landing page. The Brotherhood of Muscle clearly has a taste for donuts. View video footage of some submissions.

The chief donut maker will be a Dodge ambassador, decked out in Dodge gear, driving a Dodge SRT Hellcat, rubbing shoulders with celebs at epic auto events and leveling up at Radford Racing School while making a mouthwatering $150,000 paycheck – and they don’t even have to quit their day job.

Dodge has enlisted champion wrestler Bill Goldberg to oversee a competition between the top 10 finalists that will put their talents to the test. Contestants will be thrown into wild, hot-seat scenarios, including racing a Dodge horsepower heavyweight (with a professional driver on a closed track). This series of eliminations will then be aired like a reality TV show with the final episode revealing Dodge’s new chief donut maker this spring.

  • Submission videos to be reviewed and evaluated by a Dodge panel that includes champion wrestler Bill Goldberg
  • Aspiring donut makers can go to DodgeGarage.com now to apply
  • Ten finalists will ultimately compete for the chief donut maker title through a series of elimination rounds, ultimately whittling the candidates down to the final two; more details to be announced in weeks to come
  • Chief donut maker position will be officially announced this spring
  • Chief donut maker is part of the brand’s Never Lift plan, which provides a 24-month road map to Dodge’s performance future

Source: Business Insider written by Carrie Hampel


Is a Dodge RAM EV coming?

Is a Dodge RAM EV coming?

Ram Trucks, the US commercial vehicle subsidiary of the Stellantis Group, has announced a battery-electric version of its Ram 1500 pickup truck for 2024 and shown the first teaser. Ram aims to electrify all of its vehicle segments by 2030 at the latest

Fans who register on the new “Ram Revolution” platform will receive exclusive insider information over time about how Ram plans to “revolutionise the pickup truck market once again”, meaning to finally electrify its vehicle offerings.

On Ram’s late entry to the electric pickup market where Ford can’t keep up with unexpected demand, CEO Carlos Tavares told Motortrend: “It’s a fact that we are coming slightly after (the competition), but it’s also a fact that we have the opportunity to adjust the competitiveness and the appeal of our own trucks to what they are doing, which is a competitive game, which is a fantastic situation for the consumer because the real winner of this competition is the consumer.”

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The Ram was once a Dodge pickup model but was established as a stand-alone truck brand in 2009. The 1500 is between 5.81 and 6.14 metres long, depending on the version, and comes with a payload of up to 915 kilograms. The model is powered either by a three-litre diesel, two mild hybrids (as V6 or V8) or, in the TRX version, by a 523 kW V8 engine.

In early July 2021, Stellantis had presented its electric strategy, announcing among other things that Ram would sell an electric version of the 1500 in 2024. Four platforms for the group’s electric cars were also announced at the event, including “STLA Frame”, a dedicated platform for ladder-frame e-pickups and utility vehicles. As the range should remain sufficient even with heavy loads, the batteries will have a capacity of between 159 and 200 kWh.

Source: Electrive written by Carrie Hampel


Dodge CEO : “The V8-era is coming to an end”

Dodge CEO : “The V8-era is coming to an end”

The days of the big and burly V-8 could soon be over, judging by recent comments made by Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis.

In an interview with CNBC published last week, Kuniskis said the days of supercharged V-8s like Dodge’s Hellcat engines are numbered, but thanks to electrification the type of performance the engines deliver is here to stay—and likely to improve. Just look at the crazy numbers Tesla’s new Model S Plaid+ promises.

The demise of the Hellcat engines won’t be because the market is demanding it, though. Despite being more than a decade old, Dodge’s Challenger and Charger continue to sell at near record levels, including the Hellcat models which have racked up “well over” 50,000 sales in the past five years, according to Kuniskis.

Rather, he blamed compliance costs as the reason for the eventual demise of the engines, particularly the need to modify them to meet the latest emissions regulations. We’ve already started to see this with the 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat, which will be phased out shortly since its engine won’t meet new EVAP emissions requirements for the 2022 model year in the Durango’s platform.

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In his interview with CNBC, Kuniskis said electrification, which covers both hybrids and battery-electric vehicles, will keep the performance dream alive, and he expects the price to come down as the technology becomes more mainstream. He also said Dodge will stick to its focus of “American muscle” under the ownership of new parent Stellantis.

“The whole world is going to shift to electrification,” he said. “The whole world’s going (to) get there and when it does, the price point of that technology is going to come down.”

Bye bye V8 Hellcat

Source: Motorauthority written by Viknesh Vijayenthiran – Editor 


Dodge will pay you $150,000 to drive a Hellcat for a year

Dodge will pay you $150,000 to drive a Hellcat for a year

Is Chief Donut Maker the best side-hustle ever?

Dodge is putting the pedal to the metal as it drives toward the debut of its first all-electric muscle car.

The brand has announced a new business plan called Never Lift that combines new products and giveaways with a rebooted performance parts business.

The project includes the hiring of a Chief Donut Maker who will be paid $150,000 for a year to drive a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and be an ambassador for the brand at select events scheduled around their day job.

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There’s also a 25/8 promotion that’s named to signal Dodge works harder than 24/7 and will have celebrities from the automotive, sports and entertainment worlds giving away dream cars through individual sweepstakes.

The large vehicle platform that will be used for the model is also being designed to accommodate all-wheel-drive and electric motors with up to 442.5 hp each.

Source: FOX News written by Dodge launching electric muscle car in 2024 | Fox News


Dodge Launching Electric Muscle Car by 2024

Dodge Launching Electric Muscle Car By 2024

Dodge want’s future muscle car fans to “tear up the streets, not the planet.” The performance-focused brand has confirmed it will launch an all-electric muscle car by 2024.

Will a Dodge EV look like that?

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis announced the upcoming model at Stellantis’ EV day presentation on Thursday. Kuniskis said Dodge had reached the limits of performance with its V8 engines and that it has an “obligation to embrace” electrification for its customers.

Details on the car were not revealed, but a computer-rendered teaser depicted a four-tire-burning coupe with lines that resembled the classic 1968 Dodge Charger.

A new version of the classic triangular Dodge logo was also displayed in that will apparently designate cars using the new powertrain.

Separately, and without specifying that he was talking about the Dodge, Stellantis Chief Engineering Officer Harald Wester said the auto group would have a model capable of accelerating to 60 mph in 2 seconds, which would put it on par with the new Tesla Model S Plaid.

The large vehicle platform that will be used for the model is also being designed to accommodate all-wheel-drive and electric motors with up to 442.5 hp each.

Source: FOX News written by Dodge launching electric muscle car in 2024 | Fox News

dodge-challenger-with-travel-trailer-renderings (3)

Is A Dodge Challenger Travel Trailer Coming Soon?

Is A Dodge Challenger Travel Trailer Coming Soon?

Travel trailers and the vehicles that pull them are rarely designed in concert. The trailers often follow a one-size-fits-all formula in terms of styling, but new renderings from Timothy Adry Emmanuel show what is possible when the two are designed together. Emmanuel paired the Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack Shaker Widebody with a sleek travel trailer that fits with the Challenger’s brutish aesthetics.

The trailer goes beyond just matching the Challenger’s paint and stripe, though, as the trailer’s overall shape exudes performance. The overhang sits nicely against the Challenger’s sloping rear window and trunk lid, creating a smooth transition from its roof to the trailer’s. The sleekness is evident at the rear, where the roof slopes down to the taillights, which replicates the Challenger’s taillight design. Even the trailer’s lower rear bumper looks like it took inspiration from the Challenger.

The stripe that extends from the Dodge to the trailer runs the entire length of the trailer, growing wide toward the roof. It helps connect the two, as does the rich red paint. The renderings don’t show the interior, but the exterior features two doors, a window, an awning, exterior storage, and a TV.

The Challenger’s widened track – by 3.5 inches – and shaker hood, which hides a 485-horsepower (361-kilowatt) V8, gives the overall pair a menacing stance that harkens back to the iconic Tri-Five Chevrolets. Emmanuel wanted to add a Mopar spin to an era when cars were considered a bit more utilitarian than they are today.

Sadly, these are just renderings of a neat idea that’s unlikely to see reality anytime soon. While camping and travel trailers are huge right now, so are the crossovers, SUVs, and trucks that now pull them. Don’t bet on seeing any Challengers towing anytime soon, but if you want to tow with a Dodge and have power, the company did offer the Durango Hellcat.

Source: adry53customs / Instagram written by Motor1